Check out a taster of this critical new film coming out soon, this one featuring Zena Edwards.

To follow what’s happening with the film VoiceOver: Riots Reframed, go here.
They write: ‘VoiceOver: Riots Reframed’ is an independent documentary aimed at countering mainstream discourse on last year’s riots and riots that occur in poor, racialised and marginalised communities generally. Dominant media has towed the government line that August’s riots were about “criminality, pure and simple…”

Young people from Shake! worked with facilitators Ed Lewis, Simon Murray and Zena for their sell-out session “The Unheard” at the Rebellious Media Conference last year, and at the natonal Shake! event “Britain on Trial” in Leeds. Zena is involved in several youth initiatives combatting stereotypical, biased and racist responses to the uprisings.

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