Economic Justice Statement

In our effort to build and practice redistributive and alternative economies that are equitable and just, we use a sliding scale system* as a tool that allows for our publication to be obtained and accessed at a higher and a lower end purchase price, based on your circumstances.

For a sliding scale to work, it relies on the principles of truthfulness, respect for complexity, and accountability.

We do not ask for income verification. We trust you to be honest and considerate.

Please note that when you pay at the higher or full amount you enable those with less income and resources to access this publication with more affordability, and vice versa.  We also welcome and encourage allies to donate a publication or purchase publications for those that might need (like community centres, collectives and young people) to support the access of these resources on a broader scale. ‘Paying according to one’s available resources creates a more equitable system’. (Alexis J. Cunningfolk)

Here is our guidance of scale: 

  • Anthology Full Price = £20
  • Anthology Concessions* = £14

If you are struggling to access these resources completely and need further support around this, please get in touch with us at

A Sliding Scale System

A flexible scale (as of fees or subsidies) adjusted to the needs or income of individuals.

If you are wondering if the concession price is aimed at supporting you, please have a look at the groups below whom we are committed to uplifting. We trust you. 

  • Black and people of colour of working-class background Under-26 and/or a student on a student loan.
  • Black and people of colour of working-class background experiencing current hardship and/or unemployed and/or receiving income support.
  • Black and people of colour of working-class 65+ on state pension.
  • Disabled people of working-class background who are receiving or in need of support.
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