Bringing together young people, artists & campaigners to develop creative responses to social injustice.

What we do

At Voices that Shake! we use a model of personal transformation and structural change, to challenge established imbalanced power bases and re-imagine new infrastructures in opposition to capitalism and colonialism.

We build holistic decolonial educational programmes and creative campaigns to foster a catalytic and self-determined community of creative organisers/leaders embedded in and led by the grassroots. Together we work towards and cultivate transformative justice, systemic change and community accountability.

We work collectively to centre the leadership and solutions of the marginalised, to uplift and politicise the role that young people of the global majority have, to prefigure the world we would like to live in: diverse, just, sustainable, community-led and resilient.

* This theory of change was written as a collective effort with the core team, our long-term collaborators and Shake! participants.



Rekindling the Fyah to keep each other warm

On 11th-12th Feb, we’ll be rekindling the fyah to keep each other warm through our ENRGY free weekend course. 

We’re in cold and trying times, and more than ever before, it’s important that we hold ourselves and each other in community. During our ENRGY course, we’ll be igniting and activating our bodies as conductors of energy.

Read more about the course



Anthology cover


Voices that Shake! An Anthology of Creative Movements

A full-colour 320-page book of Shake! young people’s creative writing, original artwork, photographs and essays; also pieces by artists, facilitators and elders involved in Shake!

Anthology cover


Shake! the System Guidebook: Rituals, Tools & Practices

A 60-page guide to Shake!’s methods, to inspire, amplify the work, strengthen movements.

Anthology cover

Research Report

Shake! the System Research Report: A Decade of Shaping Change 2010-2020

A 120-page full colour youth-led research into the impacts of Shake! on young people.


The Perpetual Winter

(an extract, read the full version in the Anthology)

Where do I begin?
Where do I place the pin
as the starting point to express
this state of paralysis?
Ice crystals wedged between
each frightened vertebrae.
I am inflexible. Today.


Purano Sei Diner Kotha

How can you forego events of the good old days, dear. The glimpse of each other, spirited chatting, are unforgettable.

Come once more, my friend, come into my heart.
We’ll talk about the joy and sorrows to soothe heart.
We’ve collected flowers at dawn, played and swung a lot – Sang and fluted under the BAKUL tree.

Then happened the separation, alas, we got diverged – When we’ve got a chance to unite once more, come into my heart.



an extract, read the full version in the Anthology

Deception causes us to see colours in the colourless
and darkness in light.
We can learn to see black dots as a blessing
the next time we are playing with dice
If we are black dots,
then we define the glimmering shield on the ladybird.
We are the fists held high as the survivors of bloodshed.
The locus points for a complete circle to be drawn.


She Dreams Herself Alive

an extract, read the full version in the Anthology

Made love to herself by the rivers
Of sensual delusion
Recalling past lives as they rush
Towards Heaven on the scarlet waters
Of her own mythology.
She dances an obsidian trail
Upwards from the depths of hell.
Loving, Suffering, Being Born Again and Again-


Voices that Shake

an extract, read the full version in the Anthology

Like the rumbling before thunder,
the peak before orgasm,
the bone before it breaks.
The fear. The pleasure. The pain.
My voice shakes because I’m afraid of the possibilities.
I’m afraid if I speak too loud,
you might just hear what I’m saying.


Bound By Food

an extract, read the full version in the Anthology

I step into this fertile land, aware of its inhabitants.
There’s a siren for the onions.
I run to grab five. She says it’s not enough.
I run to grab two more making sure they’re not rotten.
That would be like treason, she says.
I step to the side.
Back in my place. I watch her methodically take no loaf by heart measurements of dried spices and herbs.


Songs and singers from long ago
And songs and singers to come
Greet you
The more you sing
Yourself into being
Sing your visions into form

Extract from Voices that Shake! soundscape by Teju Adeleye

Fam That Shake

an extract, read the full version in the Anthology

Ten minutes in, we’re family
Cousins, brothers, sisters, mothers
Holding, caring, feeling, sharing
It’s become everything.
Our mere existence, a dangerous threat
Building systems to sustain, to shield
Seeking truth, as the pain ruptures our comfort
Uncovering, discovering how real loving resistance be rollin’
We’d been deceived,
Led to believe that we need white-washed charity
Fetishising poverty and working class minorities.


The call and response of your songs
echoing in the air all this time later
Barefoot dancing on grounds tilled in care
To answer one call is to dance
in affirmation towards dignity

extract from Voices that Shake! soundscape by Teju Adeleye

Songs and singers from long ago
And songs and singers to come
Greet you
The more you sing
Yourself into being
Sing your visions into form

extract from Voices that Shake! soundscape by Teju Adeleye


Time is forever flowing,
as we sail downstream at a fast pace,
riding the current,
never stagnant in one place.
Never forget to go back to the source.
Never forget the ones who broke down dams,
allowed our fams,
to set sail on a new course.
In this sea of time in forward motion,
We must learn from the mouth
of our cultures’ oceans.


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