As well as a packed programme full of poetry, speed-lectures, film, workshops, creative writing, discussions, dialogue, movement, presentations, food, tea, exhibitions, intergenerational & interdisciplinary dialogue – phew! – we were also able to commission the artistic talents of a young poet to be our Court Sketch Artist.

Here is a preview of one of Patricia Bongani’s sketches featuring doctor, academic, author, writer, activist, organiser – and after his successful debut on Saturday – now performance poet!!! – Dr Carl Hylton. 

In addition to being an artist, Patricia Bongani is also a poet – and was in fact Team Captain for the Leeds Young Authors team that hoped to travel to Brave New Voices in 2011 as well as being a successful member of the LYA team that won the UK National Slam in 2010 and also a two-time winner of the UK’s longest running youth team slam & literature festival with Ralph Thoresby school at Voices of A New Generation in 2009 & 2010.

Check Pati performing her powerful poem “The Loudest Silence”which speaks to many of the themes discussed at Britain On Trial:

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