To all our Shake! family, 

Hoping you and yours are well and safe and sending you love and healing. 


During this time of mass confusion and uncertainty, we recognise the necessity to amplify the voices of those marginalised and the necessity of our resistance and innovation.
We are calling out for your voices.
As we enter our 10th year we are calling for you to be a part of our #ShakeTheSystem! 10 Year Anniversary. We are centering this anniversary on all the content created this past decade, on offering support and solidarity during these uncertain times and on the importance of celebration and joy. Our communities have the solutions that we need. We have been pushing for these solutions but our voices have been erased. Let’s amplify our voices during these times of chaos and noise and the solutions, wisdom and alternatives that we possess.
We have a few things lined up for this anniversary, one of which will be the production of An Anthology of Voices That Shake! Movements 2010-2020 – a collection of creative writing, poetry, artwork, photography, zine pages & essays, conceptualised and designed by Shakers to be both available in digital & physical formats. 
Your contribution has played an important role in the Shake! journey, and we would love for you to be part of this process in any of the following capacities you wish and/or are able to contribute:
Submission Process: 3 ways you can submit – A detailed doc on submission formats.
Support & Solidarity
We recognise within this moment so many need support. We are currently working on ways and virtual spaces to support each other. If you want to be part of the Shake! community during this time email Rose here:
Any other opportunities?: 
Stay tuned for paid Researcher opps coming up with Shake! We will also have various other contribution opps coming up.
If interested contact:
Sending Love and Solidarity always. Stay safe. 


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