Perform, publish, create!

If you are 16-25, interested in creative writing, poetry, rapping, singing, performance and spoken word then this course is for you! On The Record collab with Shake! to present a four-week arts course responding responding to the history of the 1970-1981 Sus Law which was used by police to arrest and harass black and Asian men, and of course today’s Stop and Search. We will investigate how communities fought back in the ’70s and how the Sus Law was overturned in 1981.  Facilitated by OVO Shake!rs Annie Rockson and Rotimi Skyers.

Join us for:

  • FREE workshops in performance, creative writing, poetry, rapping, spoken word and historical research
  • Perform and publish your work.
  • Lunch and travel expenses paid.


We will meet every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday; from 31st July-1st September 2018 @ 11am-5pm in East London. The main performance will be on Saturday 1st September (date tbc).

To apply contact Patrice – /  07378 346 521


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