“I am the sugar at the bottom of the English cup of tea. I am the sweet tooth, the sugar plantations that rotted generations of English children’s teeth… There is no English history without that other history” – Stuart Hall
Rep The Road: Voices That Shake!s rolling series on repairing the routes of colonial violence in our communities. Building roads to representation beyond tokenism and reppin’ from the streets! 
Over two weekends (July 21st-22nd & 28-29th) we are hosting twelve journey based skill shares exploring: the ways in which our communities experience violence and how we navigate these encounters to make home in a country that keeps us on the outside and in un-belonging.
Mapping what has been broken and taken away from our local communities and our lives as part of the impact of racialised, class and gendered violence, gentrification, state violence, police brutality, stop and search etc. How can we move beyond a punitive culture to transform our lives and build healthy and wholesome communities?
The sessions will be held by leading Black and brown individuals navigating different industries within social and cultural sectors including: arts, film, organising, activism and academia. A Sharing Practice space will show how they respond to, and navigate, discrimination and racial bias in their sectors, exploring how we can build strong networks amongst ourselves as a counter strategy.
Weaving together immersive and creative workshops using film, zine-making, poetry and photography, including sessions on emotional and mental well-being (Healing Justice LDN). This programme will feed-in to The Black Cultural Activism Map, a collaborative project with the Stuart Hall Foundation: mapping Black and brown resistance culture in the UK.
We will also build a collective Zine toolkit for surviving oppression and resistance from the margins, using the photography, art, poetry and creative writings from the workshops as part of an anti–gentrification effort documenting Black and brown legacies and lessons of resistance.
The course is aimed at 16- 25 year olds. Our programmes prioritise young people of colour, working class folk/ local residents and LGBTQI folk. There is very limited space and on first come first basis.
Venue is wheelchair accessible. Contact us for other access needs.
Dates: 21-22nd & 28-29th July 2018
Venue: Brady Arts Centre Whitechapel 
Time: 10:30am-6pm 
The course is Free and lunch provided.
Email: info@voicesthatshake.org for a short application.

You must be able to attend both full weekends. 

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