Rep The Road: Our series on repairing the routes and roads of colonial violence in our communities, building roads to representation beyond tokenism, and reppin’ from the streets!

An invitation for our next Shakaring – an intimate sharing space and community Scratch Night! ( only limited spaces due to capacity rsvp to confirm space) 

This Spring, Shake! is working on the Black Activism Map. Commissioned alongside Skin Deep by the Stuart Hall Foundation, the project celebrates and documents Black and Brown Resistance in Britain through poetry, visual art, musical production, and the documentation of community voices, to be showcased in September.
Deets here: 

Slide thru if you want to share food, performance, poetry, your thoughts on black and brown resistance. 

What Shake! fam are sharing:

Globe Poets: A live poetic piece on gentrification in South East London

Nawi Collective: A rhythmic and melodic soundscape of Resistance as Black Women both in the present dimension and through the work of our ancestors.

Sai: An intergenerational soundscape on reparative justice and black and brown resistance in the UK featuring 
Esther Stanford-Xosei

Dhelia: Short film mapping the journeys of a London through the eyes of working class and black and brown Londoners.

The evening will end with Iftar ( breaking fast and sharing food ) 

Granville Community Kitchen 
The Granville Plus Centre
South Kilburn

Venue is wheelchair accessible, Contact us for other access needs.

There is very limited space and on first come first basis. This is a priority people of colour space.

So, won’t you help to bring
some movement towards holistic self-repair,
societal change, global healing and eventual freedom ’cause we all need to have Reparations dialogue
– from ‘Reparation Song’ by Sai Murray

Facebook event here.

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