Saturday 10th March

A programme of film screenings of “Failed By The State – The Struggle in the Shadow of Grenfell” and “Surviving the State” and Q&A open discussion.


Following on from the Voices that SHAKE! first film screening at “Healing The Cuts: Community Repairing thru Sharing”, we screened “Surviving the State”, a short film examining the relationship between gentrification, youth deaths, knife crime, incidents of police brutality, and how these impact mental health. We shared this alongside “Failed By The State – The Struggle in the Shadow of Grenfell”, an exclusive grassroots report into how austerity and gentrification caused the Grenfell tragedy, one of the deadliest fires in recent UK history.

“Failed By The State – The Struggle in the Shadow of Grenfell”(Part1) is a grassroots report on London’s deadliest fire in recent history and it looks at how the victims responded to repeated state failings during and after the fire.

“Surviving the State” by Voices that Shake comes out of a collaborative filming and editing process, by young people from different areas around London. State violence is present in all parts of our daily lives from racist policing, poverty, Islamophobia, knife crime/death, war, terror and “counter-terror” (prevent), to Brexit to Trump and to May. This short film documents their journey of exploration and healing of the current states of violence.

The screenings were followed by an open conversation and Q&A with the young filmmakers of “Surviving the State”, and the producers of “Failed by The State” at the The Brady Art Centre, for discussions in into some of the unheard narratives that are integral to every ‘regeneration’ project.

Gentrification: Where Are We Now? explored:
• How can we heal, be safe and support ourselves in these violent times?
• How can we break patterns of violence on and within our communities, with the rise of acid attacks, knife related deaths, Islamophobic and racist attacks in London?
• How do we repair and build resilient families, homes, communities, and movements?
• How do we use the genius of our ends/communities to resist and reimagine a world for and led by us?

We reimagine how to heal outside the hurt. We invite you to create and repair with us.

Voices that SHAKE! is a project that brings together young people, artists, and campaigners to develop creative responses to social injustices. This event was curated by Tiffany Webster

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