“Held every summer in Detroit, [this] conference brings together a vibrant
and diverse community of people using media to incite change: filmmakers,
radio producers, technologists, youth organizers, writers, entrepreneurs,
musicians, dancers, and artists. We define “media” as anything you
use to communicate with the world.
You are a media-maker!”

This is a a quote from the Allied Media Conference in Detroit website. It is a conference that has made a powerful impact on the radical media grapevine for 10 years.

It was poignant that Shake! was to be the first UK contingent to contribute to the other 300 strong  radical spaces, workshops and training sessions that connect people from all over the US, who are passionate and committed to sharing skills and experiences in radical alternative media. Media designed to mend, empower and amplify the voices of  marginalised groups and communities.

Shake! Participants and team, Ro, Jinan, Hasan, Dhelia, Paula, Farzana and Zena crowdfunded to take Re-membering, Re-imagining, Reparations – a provocation and dialoguing session devised by the team and the young people – to share radical processes that deconstructsystems of oppression in our everyday lives and envisage what the world could/would be outside of them. We also went to see how our US counterparts are engaging with new media and radical thought, seeking to mine the past, re-imagine the present and create new cultures of resistance for the future.

The Allied Media conference was valuable to visit and contribute to. Equally as important was our time at Hush House where the Elder Activists, Mama Simmons and Baba Charles gave us valuable knowledge of the ways struggle and revolutionary action take the most unlikely forms, energies and narratives in the toughest, most neglected parts of old Motor City. We saw many echos from the communities in London experiencing violent gentrification that fractures communities, alienates the youth  and isolates our Elders.

On Saturday 10th December, Detroit Shake!ers will be sharing what they have learned from our visit with members of the public, with special thanks to those who donated to the crowd fund.

These skill shares aim to help us all cultivate new narratives and strategies for our campaigns and social justice movements, build robust community organizing, which in turn creates resilient, safe and healthier communities. We will be exploring reconnecting the continuum of the stories from marginalised communities through oral history, archiving them in radical libraries, creating data infographs that bring storytelling of surviving the system into 21st century media.

The four creative, arts and media-based sessions will be:

*Surviving School: Re-humanising Learning – Dhelia Snoussi
*Telling Stories Through Visual Data – Rotimi Skyers
*Oral histories, Intergenerationality Spaces: These Walls Have Memory – Zena Edwards
*Radical Libraries and Archiving: Changing the Narrative – Paula Serafini

We have a few spaces left so would like to invite you  grab your tickets for

New Narratives: Shake Skills Share
Date: Saturday 10th December
Time: 10:30am – 2pm,
Venue: Rivington Place, EC2A 3BA
(This venue is wheelchair accessible. )
Free for donors of our AMC crowdfunder, we also have concessionary and free tickets for access, please email

Click here for tickets via Eventbrite


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