For the last 5 months the Shake team has been on a sabbatical, but that doesn’t mean we have not been beavering away planning  a dynamic and pioneer direction the next 5 years the Voices that Shake Family and Movement will be headed in.


Our dedication to pioneer reinvigorated pedagogical practices in youth arts and activism prompts us to great length to learn about successful and life changing activist practices in social justice movements internationally. These are movements that are holistic, that place marginalised voices at the centre – movements that fully understand that by centering these voices dramatic changes happen because they are voices from frontline communities who experience the full brunt of the devastating effects of environmental, social and corporate injustice.

On June 14, for one week, Shake! intend to take 8 Shake!rs to the Allied Media Conference in Detroit – some Shake Alumini (2010) and others are new  to the Shake Family members (2015). The Allied Media Conference (AMC) is the convening of internationally based creative activists groups who come together to skills and knowledge share their most productive and effective creative media campaign strategies – that means all forms of communication tools which are arts and media based available to activists which amplify the voices of the oppressed. For more information got the AMC website.

We need help getting there. Accommodation and per diem are covered costs, however the funds for all the flights are still to be raised. So we have created a Support Shake! upskill & skillshare at Allied Media Conference (Detroit) crowdfunding page to help raise the final funds and would appreciate you sharing to your networks.

This is a fantastic (and urgent) opportunity for the Shakers to experience, to learn and knowledge share some of the most dynamic strategies to bring back to the UK and build into their already passionate arts activist practice, as well as honouring the Shake teams commitment to drive change through a network building and upskilling.

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