We had a full house and a thoroughly engaged audience at our 6th Shake! showcase of film, poetry, music, song, zines and creativity. Pure magic, beauty and power.

Big love and thank you to all the beautiful people that made the night so special.  

Here’s a selection of feedback we received:

it was amazing as always last night – came away feeling educated and inspired – so a huge thank you to you all and respect for the important work you do
– Kevin Smith, Global Justice Now

Thanks to everyone who put on an amazing show, I recorded most on my dictaphone and have been listening over and over. I also must say all the singing was amazing but that one at the end; boyyyyyyy it was beautiful
– Carmela Cuesta, Shake!

 I just wanted to thank you for Tuesday’s Showcase Resistance is Fertile.  I was so impressed with the poetry and film making which were both moving and so conscientiously performed.
– Prue, Network for Social Change

Congratulations – Well done, really enjoyed the Shake showcase last night. Performances were striking, the atmosphere safe and daring. You must be proud!
– Derek Bardowell

just wanted to say that I was totally blown away by the showcase last night. I can still feel the angry, sad, powerful, hopeful words reverberating in my chest!
Seeds for Change

Congrats on a stunning evening – totally blown away
Change everything

Since I have been in London,  I have never experienced something with so much soul and humanity,  I actually want to cry and I did cry…in a good way
– Greeta

So powerful. So powerful … many many times I felt so moved, so challenged … it was WONDERFUL. You are doing such incredible work. It just gets stronger & stronger. Can’t wait for the next one. Much love & admiration
– James Marriot, Platform

What a totally amazing evening last night. Mind-opening and soul-inspiring. I randomly found it on fb and bought a ticket, couln’t be more happy i did! I’m deeply inspired by the work you do and the platform you offer for young people to reflect, collectively and artistically, on the lived experience of our contemporary realities of mulitple oppressions and silencings.. “structural change and personal transformation”, one not without the other… thank you!
– Alex London


I just want to really thank you guys for your continuous support in exploring issues surrounding all of us and helping us expressing it in whatever creative way possible!

You cannot believe how much of an impact you have had on me ( and probably everyone in Shake!) and on how I see the world and I hope I can keep on learning from you because I don’t want to miss it!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Nicole, Shake!


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