Writer and poet Selina Nwulu and filmmaker Onysha D Collins (both former Shake! participants now involved with Shake! as facilitators and mentors), have teamed up for a series of spoken word films produced by Platform.

The three films ‘Before’, ‘Our Parents’ Children’, and ‘Home is a Hostile Lover’ are part of a commission from metaceptive for their ‘Footprint Modulation’ season on art, climate and displacement. They address, among other things, the themes of migration, displacement, identity, and the environmental damage in Nigeria caused by the oil industry.

The films were first screened at ‘Silence Would Be Treason: Between Nigeria and here + Durham De-Oiled’, a joint event by Platform and Transition Durham, which took place in Durham earlier this week.

All three pieces written and performed by Selina, and filmed and edited by Onysha.


‘Our  Parents’ Children’

‘Home is a Hostile Lover’

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