Last Tuesday, October 7th, the Shake! family took over the stage at Rich Mix for the Shake! Showcase no.5, hosted by our friends at Numbi. We saw shakers performing powerful pieces of poetry and music, and presenting the new short doc ‘Education?’ to a packed audience.  Since then we’ve received a great amount of messages from people who came to see the show -both long-time supporters as well as new Shake fans- and from participants themselves, sharing their experience of the Showcase.

We were so happy to receive such warm messages of support that we thought we should share some with you!

Awesome showcase from the incredibly talented young people of Shake.  Any youth workers and educators that work with young people interested in social change and expressing themselves creatively-contact Shake-” Abbie 

“Had such an awesome time at the Shake showcase tonight”- Maria

“Last night was so enjoyable… I have to congratulate you and the team on such a well thought out and certainly important show it was to witness. Thank you!!” Jermaine

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