Here are some of the Shake!r’s top tips for countering and surviving the system:

The importance of finding and defining community, and the coming together of like-minded people through ideas.

co-operation = good!
oppressing your friends = not so good…

We must maintain awareness that there is a dominant narrative, and question whose interest it serves to maintain the status quo and accept norms and existing power structures… And then, we must challenge these! For instance, through:
-> music
-> youth work
-> alternative education
-> graffiti
-> group facilitation
-> the internet (non mainstream media)
-> independent film
-> things like SHAKE!
Check out Orla’s poem

combating gender marketing from a young age:
‘just for humans’

Despite what the education system tells us, knowledge is not always gained through written word. Education is in the experience; you can’t just go somewhere to ‘get educated.’ Check out the trailer for the short film soon to be released, co-created by some of the Shake!rs and NuWave Pictures:

Finding ways to stay strong and remain positive. Annie Rockson shared with us a helpful tool from her new book for combatting stress:

Step one, work out the root of your stress:
1. Emotional (how you feel) – scared, sad, etc
2. Behavioural (how you behave) – addiction, procrastination, etc
3. Environmental (your surroundings) – family, work, friends, etc
 4. Physical (bodily) – bad diet, poor posture, lack of exercise etc

Step two, work out why you feel like this:
1. What is the perceived stress?

Then, you must choose the course of action most suitable for the occasion:

                               Fight, or flight! 

   (or find some other Shake!rs for a group hug…hugs are always good)

The importance of reclaiming inaccessible spaces and creating safe spaces. Spaces have memory: they are more than a material construct, they have spirit and we must challenge the removal of community spaces. Here’s a poem by Zena doing just that:

And last, but most certainly not least, we must – unite, resist and stay resilient!

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