At our recent Shake! showcase graphic artist & film-maker Grainne Aldred bravely volunteered to step out of her comfort zone and host the night with Lateef.

On the way down to London she wrote this piece to share with us:

I am a part time factory girl and part time graphic artist living in Lancaster in the north of England. I work with an ethical mind and like to think that I make a positive impact with the work I choose to do.
This can sometimes be hard as people try and push you from this path and advise you that you should be chasing the money. As someone whose voice literally shakes, it can sometimes be hard to find your voice, stick up for what you believe is right and express yourself through words. But Shake! makes me feel part of a bigger voice.
We are all expressive and creative people and I know together we are doing something good and sending ripples of this energy and inspiration to others. I hope you take hold of these ripples and send them off in your own way.”

Big thanks again Grainne for your own positive energy and inspiration – and those who attended the showcase were definitely touched by these words. The ripples roll on!

For more on Grainne and to support her ethical graphic design work check her website here.

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