With our 4th Shake! showcase just 2 days away it’s our pleasure to profile two of our special guests and former Shake! participants Annie Rockson and Onysha D Collins.

Since their attendance at last year’s intensive Shake! course at the Bernie Grant Arts Centre (Annie was also a participant on Shake! at the Stephen Lawrence Centre, August 2012) it has been a pleasure to witness the poetry/activist pow of Annie and Onysha go from strength to strength.

A sample of their recent appearances includes: supporting the King of Afrobeat (Tony Allen) at Numbi’s Afro-Disco event; perfomance at the launch of the Huntley Biography project, War on Want: The New Frontlines of War; African Uprisings; Live Art Development Agency‘ ‘I hate America (I love America)’; Let Freedom Ring! The People”s guide to Popular Education and Freedom to name but a few!

In addition to all this, both poets are also developing educational work: Annie is currently working on a self-help book for young people – highly relevant to our next two Shake! courses focusing on well-being and healthy eating – and Onysha has just returned from Dominica where she is making first steps towards developing an Afrikan-history based education project.

Here’s a sample of their latest videos and of course – don’t miss the chance to catch them LIVE! alongside the wealth of other Shake! talent at #ShakeShowcase #4 this Thursday at the Free Word Centre 6-9pm.


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