How to Build an Urban Youth Movement?
Tuition fees, rising inequality, police harrassment, stigma and stereotyping – these are just come of the issues young people are facing in Britain today. Unite the Youth is a new group trying to build an urban youth movement to challenge this and fight for the interests of young people.
Come to their event at the Dangerous Times Festival on Saturday May 31st. There are still a few free tickets available for young people – who will get free entry to any event over the entire weekend. Other sessions include
– Carole Duggan, aunt of Mark Duggan, on the police, power and racism.
– Woman and austerity: glass ceilings and sticky floors Ellie Badcock and Jess McCabe from the f-word
– Comedian and disability activist Francesca Martinez on What the f**k is normal anyway?
– A spoken word session from Different Skies.
To get a free ticket register here:
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