To all the employed people. Here are some useful tips for interacting with the unemployed:
  • Do not remind them, their degree is useless (they’ve probably now figured this out)
  • Do not ask them have they considered an internship? (If they could afford this and are young and lacking in experience they probably have, otherwise they can’t afford it!!)
  • Depending on the length of time they are unemployed if it’s only recently, then s’alright but if it’s been a while or re-occurring it sounds a bit ridiculous, don’t ask ‘how’s the job hunt?’ If it goes in any way differently, they’ll say otherwise it is shit.
  • If they have been unemployed longer than a few months, do not tell them they are looking for jobs that are ‘too good’, they will already have realised this and explored the nether regions of gumtree and spend a lot of time bunched up their duvet realising actually helping people or in some small way trying to fulfill their human potential will be impossible for a good while.
  • This is an internal thing and probably isn’t real and only exists only in my mind, but do not think ‘it’s well for some’ because the unemployed person can have a lie in or more time to play the guitar or whatever. Even if they’re financially secure, they probably crave some type of certainty or stability in their future. 
  • Do not ask them if they have considered an internship? Besides the money and even if they could afford it, especially depending on their age they might have a lot of experience, they might not need anymore, they might have removed an entire chunk off their c.v. because they’ve already done so much unpaid work, they might find the idea of even more, disillusioning, disheartening and exploitative. They might have a little teeny tiny bit of hope that if they only hang on refreshing these jobs websites, they won’t have to turn that way again.
Good luck job hunting everyone or should I say …. Foraging in a near nutritionless desert… Like vultures on decaying carcasses.

By Orla Price – Read more from her: and

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