We’re very proud to announce that our very own Farzana Khan (coordinator extraordinaire) has been immortalized as an “Art Party Hero” nail wrap! Farzana (herself still within the 16-25 age group of Shake! participants) has been listed among the likes of bell hooks, Augusto Boal and Suzanne Lacy.

The full list of #artpartyheroes are listed here and also includes Gabriel Anderson, a 13 year old student who Shakers that attended the Emergence summit in 2012 will remember from his performances with long-time Platform collaborators, The Institute for the Art and Practice of Dissent at Home.

The Nailwraps created by Phoebe Davies in collaboration with Artsadmin are designed to honour “the brilliant, the bold and the beguiling artists and educators that continue to inspire young minds in spite of the ever more damaging policies and cuts doled out to the education sector.” 

Gwan shake that manicured-nail-wrap fist Farzana! x

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