UK Hip Hop & Grime Culture promoting community and personal development

Shake! is always questioning the role of art forms and their differences in creative expression and building the capacity for change, so we are very excited to hear about this project: 
Hip Hop Psychology 
is a an exciting and unique three month participatory project for young people and adults, starting in January 2014. It hopes to bring together 10-15 young people (aged 14-25) to be co researchers investigating with the projects facilitators into the ways that Hip Hop and Grime culture promotes community and personal development.

Some words from the team:
“Young researchers/journalists get to decide on what topic to focus our research and how we might go about its as well as how we will present the results of the research we do together. It will involve interviewing artists, and people working in the hip hop and grime scene in the UK as well as fans of the music.”

Apply quickly as places will fill up fast!
Email or contact 07841975905.

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