“Shake is a sensational experience based on a program that encourages young people to take to the stage and let their voices be heard. I was blown away by the talent. Shake sparks a spirit of inspiration and imagination that shakes you to the core and leaves you wanting more – just like an earthquake waking you from slumber. Shake is poetry in motion from start to finish, a procession of powerful, hard hitting words that enlighten, enthral and inform. The experience enraptures and ’emboldens’, a new word introduced to my lexicon. It embodies the next generation of artists standing up for their rights, declaring their voice must be listen to and demanding that change must come to this unjust and unequal world we are living in. It promises to shake the foundations of power relations, bringing new meaning, hope and love to our communities. Watch this space the revolution is coming, and Shake is at the forefront of this positive force for good. I highly recommend you get involved…”

Thank you Mista Vee aka Freddy Vanson!

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