September the 10th marks a very special day for our very own super shake!r and awesome facilitator Sai.


The official London launch of Numbi resident poet Sai Murray’s debut poetry collection: “Ad-liberation”  Delighting in cut-n-paste wordplay and following in the committed political footsteps of Gil-Scott-Heron and Linton Kwesi-Johnson, Sai’s poetry offers personal takes on racism and challenges the inevitability of corporate power, consumerism and ecological blight. “wit and joyful engagement with language carries these poems to the heart”
As well as this Sai designed the beautifully crafted Scarfmagazine which will also  launching on the evening. 

Check out  Sai here performing, ‘Lament of a Suicidal Ad Man’
Come on down to Rich Mix on Tuesday , show your support and celebrate with us.
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