Zee grooving to Lucas Kelly’s poem “Messy Python”

I am speechless. I can’t even talk about tired after an intensive week of youth arts and activism because I’ve been so inspired by the voices of the young people on the this weeks Shake course. It has been empowering, emotional…. oh I could go on and on but I’m supposed to be speechless the resonance of the participants voices run so deep there are no adequate words (don’t really cut it.)

Thanks to Farzana Khan, Edward Lewis, Sai Murray, Derek Richards, Marcina Arnold and Hannan and Richard from the www.rainbowcollective.co.uk for making it soooo easy to bring this dream project to fruition and to aaaaall the young people who invested so much of themselves to produced some incredibly powerful poetry and film. Am feeling blessed and honoured. I know I keep saying it but I must again – “I love my job!”
Big Love and Thanks to all.

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