EXCITING NEWS UPDATE: this Shake! we will have film makers Hannan Majid and Richard York, from Hi8us South. Derek Richard from Hi8us tells us:

Richard and Hanan tend to work together and/or interchange themselves across the duration of a project. This might seem unusual, but it always works for us. Here are links to recent projects of theirs which will make it clear why they’re right for this work. They’ll bring a lot to the week in general through the work they’ve been doing.

The Trailer for their most recent feature doc, The Machinist. It was released before the Rana factory collapse in Bangladesh, but has since been attached to campaign to raise money for the victims in addition to its original role as an awareness raising film about working conditions in garment factories in Bangladesh: 

The second is a short made about Adidas for War On Want on the same issue: http://vimeo.com/67196013

We are so excited to be working and learning with them.

If you are a budding film maker, or interested in film join us for our Shake! intensive, email farzana@platformlondon.org for an application.

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