Here is the final edit of the film made by Shake! participants during our Shake! 2013 at the Stephen Lawrence  Charitable Trust, Deptford in February. The film was a response to a range of political discussions that took place during the week ranging from; power, race, media, misogyny, environment etc. Sam Liebmann and Derek Richards from Hi8us South supported Shake! participants to create, shoot and edit the film.

“It seems that during this time of need the work of our sector is looking more at how we can empower young people as social activists. Young people aren’t just in need of support, they have perhaps the strongest desire to act for change and, as we’ve witnessed, produce some of the most creative socially engaged work.

Shake!  in February was like a breath of fresh air in the smog of negativity that many of us are experiencing. With Platform we’re getting ready for the second run of 2013 in August. More news coming soon in the meantime check out this short piece, one of many outputs from the February workshops.” 
– Derek Richards, Hi8us South

Film by:  Ceris, Christina, Dershe, Holly, Ifthekar, Nathaniel.

For  more info on our summer Shake! August 5-9 at the Bernie Grant Arts Centre, email

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