Those good people at RMC have now put up a great compilation of videos from Shake’s session “The Unheard: Youth, ‘the riots’ and the media” at the 2011 conference in London.

Watch recordings from the session itself, plus interviews and poetry performed by Rotimi, Samia, Selina and Kadish (Leeds Young Authors).


Also watch interviews with Shake! poet-facilitators Sai and Zena from Ceasefire magazine’s Adam Elliot-Cooper over on our videos page.

We had more good news from RMC organiser Gabriel Carlyle recently. He told us that once they’d digested all the written evaluation forms, Shake’s session got the most number of glowing reviews. People were energised by hearing directly and unmediated from young people, and they loved the structure (a mix of poetry, commentary, and discussion).

This was the fruit of all that brilliant planning from the team: Selina, Samia, Ed, Sai, Rotimi, Jane. And big thanks to Ed from New Left Project who kept the team cooking across 4 cities in the run-up…

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