Ro, Kadish, Selina on the panel

The emails are still coming in about Shake’s event “The Unheard: Youth, the ‘riots’, and the media” at Rebellious Media Conference on 9th October.

“…I was over at the Rebellious Media Conference and caught the discussion on the London riots that you  guys were involved in facilitating. It was fantastic…..”  From Rabble Magazine  (Dublin)

“…I went to your session about the media and the london riots at the Rebellious Media Conference and I can honestly say I cannot rave enough about the session and the issues discussed.  I have literally told every person I’ve seen since then about how impressed I was!  Since getting back to Glasgow I spent my whole morning at work learning about the the work you do and about all the people involved, this has only increased my admiration for the organisation and makes me a little gutted that I don’t live in London to get involved…”

Samia tells it

 Cairsti (Glasgow)

We’re waiting for some audio, and video… keep an eye out.

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