Samia offers an insightful piece that captures the claustrophobia of the current world situation. Her choice of ideas expresses the helplessness we can sometimes feel against an invisible oppressor and how that can lead, dangerously, to apathy as a way of existing. Samia chooses to write to make sense of it all…

Let us talk about truth? Cough splutter choke.
The norm is far from the place to start
From simple minds come simple lines
But inside my mind, a coup
The pen is my sword

But even then, I’m confined to reality.
Sighing to start the day,
Running down that non-existent hill

with hopes to feel the fake morning chill.
Aiming to forget all that can be seen…

Our eyes, they see
but they’re blinded by pride 
Our people are dying,
barrels of the gun smoking,
Keeping silent but never dormant.
I hear them whispering in the dark
no face, only shadows make the mark
No use to be looking in the mirror
Searching for innocence that once was
For its gone
and now the mind is trapped in this system
The body is free
Free to make choices over this and that
While the mind is prevented from remembering
Remember all that lies behind closed doors.

But how do we remember when we can’t forget?
I opened my mouth but no words came out
Think I’m ready to bring change about?

Samia’s quote for the day – “The true harvest of my life is intangible – a little star dust caught, a portion of the rainbow I have clutched…” – Thoreau
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