A Protester’s Shopping List 

By Kavi Hewavitarne

You will need:

A pinch of Anger
Decades of oppression and injustice
Hotpoint kettling
A good size gathering of people
Police brutality and control
National Government intrusion
Media exaggeration and distortion
A lost generation
26 years of illegal wars
A large packet of MPs spinning lies and taking money
A whisk, blend stir and batter of hope to make it bittersweet
A fistful of Robin Hood Tax on bankers, the crunching of marching feet
Homemade creativity and movement
A camera/whistle/horn/ some pick and mix chanting and a placard
And finally a peaceful free flowing soul

This spoken word piece was written in a short period of time in one afternoon and is a direct response to the events which have happened over the last year. 

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