A young black afro saxon
Living in a UN united kingdom.
Divided by postcodes of different ways of thinking
Race, colour, creed or    religion.
So who represents us, can some1 tell me
DA line is fading, i can’t tell DA the difference between red and blue
Feeling sick going purple, what to do, WHAT to do
So i stand up
Just for a while
Where do we move forward, in this innercity warzone
So i make a smile
Just for a while
Gotta stay strong for da fam, living at home
Yo realising taking a step
To Facilitate
An idea which Fascinates
The minds illuminate
Light up, pour tears
For real
Not for fake
Be truthful
Not a snake
Oh DA pain
Oh DA aches
Let it flow out in stream of consciousness, a divine lake
DA story u tell, many around us have spake
Use ur voice, use ur art, use ur culture
 change DA world,
Make a difference,
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