This concise video that give a clear insight into the lives of the people the situation in the Niger Delta and those who are campaigning to raise awareness to their situation.

Hear the words of Ken Saro-Wiwa “I accuse Shell and Chevron of practising racism against the Ogoni people because they do in Ogoni what they do not do in other parts of the world where they prospect for oil. I accuse the oil companies of encouraging genocide against the Ogoni people… The profits from oil come to Britain because it is their technology that is keeping Nigerian oil going. So they have a moral responsibility to intervene… My mission has been to inform the West of the truth of what is happening in Nigeria, which has been hidden from them. I believe if people knew they’d do something about it and stop this robbery and murder that is going on in broad daylight.”

The video introduces the The Living Memorial created by British artist Sokari Douglas-Camp CBE.
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