Kavi,  Thank you for this eloquent and insightful piece of your mind, as always, this group never cease to amaze me, how interesting the way each participants picked up differents things during the Shake Week.
As you come to know, aint nothing weird about caring for others. I would say its even odd so few actually do in today society…maybe our society has been made to become more individualistic than we truly suppose to be…hence we are no longer at ease seeing inequality, suffering and injustice while being desensitize at the same time, like we have to accept this is the norm…well, SHAKE showed us that we can look at this differently..
In Africa we have a word that is hard to translate in English. A word use in Southern Africa, East Africa and many other region. The word UBUNTU!!! Look it up on google, it will make sense to you am sure.
Take care and keep in touch.
Peas n light
Hannah: Amongst all your skills and accurate world views, I think you are hiding a talent for comedy…your line in my farewell cards was JOKES!! I burst out laughing in the bus by myself…
Nuha: As Knaan says, you come from the hardest place on earth but your words are the most beautiful…there must be something special in the air of Mogadishu that turns you into such natural, smart and great people….yea must be something in the air lool
Hope all the others are well,
here are a few links to some of the music and artists you ve been discovering during the workshop:
Check it out, absorb the music, try to locate them geographically, appreciate and comment.


Fela Kuti – Music Is The Weapon from Green Grin on Vimeo.


Tony Allen BLACK VOICES / Image Olivier Taïeb
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